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  • Test leader
    • Participating in requirement investigation and analyzing before software product development
    • Preparing project overall test plan and detailed test plan according to the requirements specification, outline design and development plan 
    • Testing procedures a. New product development, high iteration of agile testing b. Maintenance phase after products are on the line
    • Reasonably arranging testing engineers, functional testing, business experts, automation testing (regression testing) and performance testing.
    • Organizing and setting up the test environment
    • After the test, organize and tidy the test document and submit the test report
    • Test plan at this stage, the future test plan (increase white-box testing, test development jobs)
  • UI designer
    • Build a complete web framework and design and be responsible for user experience and interactive design quality;
    • Be able to independently analyze the business needs and summarize the interactive needs, sort out the interactive process, and have strict requirements for the design.
    • Be able to coordinate with the front-end engineers well and have the required good moral character of the designer.
    • Have strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, explore and learn new knowledge and master the time change.
  • Customer service manager
    • Be responsible for customer service standards, business standards and process development and standardize customer service behavior.
    • Be responsible for customer relationship maintenance and development management around customer development plan.
    • Be responsible for customer consulting, complaints and other supervision and inspection work, and timely handle the found problems.
    • Be responsible for dealing with customer emergencies.
    • Be responsible for the establishment of customer return visit system, and supervise the implementation.
    • Be responsible for team building of customer service department, internal training and supervision and evaluation.
    • Give feedback and other recommendations for the feasibility working methods and work processes for improvement to the higher authorities.
    • Timely complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.
  • Investment Director / Manager
    • According to the company marketing strategy, develop investment plans and 
    • complete the company investment objectives;
    • Ensure the development of investment network and rational distribution;
    • Analyze market dynamics and write analysis report; 
    • Maintain long-term good relations of cooperation with the customers and maintain the company’s brand image;
    • Be responsible for management, command, supervision, inspection and implementation of the daily work and business of the subordinate staff.
  • Operations director
    • Be responsible for the procedure transaction of entry and withdrawal of merchants.
    • Be responsible for notice, organization and cooperation of related activities of the Merchants.
    • Be responsible for the recall of merchant rent.
    • Be responsible for on-site management and order maintenance of daily stores.
    • Be responsible for any other related work arranged by the higher authorities.
  • Marketing Planning Director / Man
    • The company’s soft paper creation to external brand promotion;
    • Copy writing of quarterly, annual and other publicity materials of the company;
    • Creation and combing of the copywriting part of the foreign propaganda activities;
    • Creation and implementation of activity schemes of each node;
    • Creation of the copywriting part of the corporate network platform;
    • Participate in the creation, implementation and follow-up of overall strategy of corporate activity scheme.