Our service

  • Luggage storage services
  • For your convenience of shopping, you can store the small accompanied items in the call center.
  • Accompanied shopping services
  • If you are the disabled or foreign guests in need of assistance, we can provide accompanied shopping service, and you can directly contact the service desk in the shopping mall!
  • Customer Lounge
  • In exclusive lounge for customers, we supply wireless Internet access, mobile phone charging, self-service beverage machine and open refreshment area where you can listen to music, have some tea, read fashion weeklies or wait for friends.
  • Parking Services
  • If you need to book a parking space, we are here to help you. Please make reservation one hour in advance.
  • Product Quality Certification Services
  • If you have any questions about the products purchased in the mall, we will take full responsibility and provide the product quality certification.

About “compensation first”

I. Conditions for “compensation first” 1. The customer must provide a purchase invoice or merchandise warranty credit card, and decoration services shall be in the two-year warranty period regulated by the home decoration association. Other products shall be in “Three Guarantees” period of the products (if the nation regulates the “Three Guarantees” period, implement according to the national regulations, if not, implement the regulation according to one year.) 2. Identification by the related state quality inspection departments, or industry association, the quality of goods provided by the exhibition hall has quality problems. 3. Other payable conditions regulated by laws, regulations, rules and other normative documents. II. Procedures of “compensation first” When consumers believe that there are quality problems and service problems, they can directly go to the after-sales service department of the shopping malls to complain, when the parties involved confirm that the quality or service responsibility shall be borne by the party of the exhibition hall, the market shall notice the exhibition room to solve by regulations. 1. If consumers accept the mediation opinions of the two sides, the exhibition hall shall compensate the consumer directly. 2. When the consumers accept the mediation, the exhibition hall is recognized as the responsible party, the mall shall issue Treatment Suggestions on Quality and Complaints and notify the exhibition hall to implement within a definite time; if the exhibition hall does not perform within the time limit, the mall shall compensate the customers in advance, III. Range of “compensation first” The compensation mainly covers the direct loss at first and takes into account other reasonable calculable losses. IV. Methods of compensation first According to the relevant state laws, regulations, rules and other regulatory files, the compensation first mainly takes unconditional repair and replacement method, when it cannot be repaired or replaced, the cash compensation shall be given.