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Ten basic principles of BERYL-MART

The foundation of all our actions is the concentrated expression of our common values and beliefs.
We recognize each other on the basis of common ideals and common goals, and we abide by common principles,
Work hard and cooperate, we are honest and progressive with unity and cooperation,
We pursue success, and have strong confidence to win.

Be thankful

We are truly grateful to customers and colleagues for their support and help, therefore, we will return to them with more excellent performance.

Profit sharing

We are the owners of BERYL-MART. With our own effective devotion to the company, we enjoy the right to share the profits.

Disciplined team

We are disciplined and united in our actions, therefore we are a highly effective team.

Creating the extraordinary

Our efforts will achieve remarkable results

Customer first

Customers are the real boss of the company, our job is to meet our customers’ needs and therefore reflect our value.

Sail against the current

We have the courage to forge ahead and take the risks, we keep continuous innovation and are not afraid of difficulties by challenging tradition.


“There is no perfect individual, but only a complete team”. Each employee is the company’s partner.

Be honest

Customers and colleagues trust us for our honesty.

Pursue excellence

The goal of our work is to continuously exceed customers’ expectations. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. All we do is to constantly strive for perfection and pursuit excellence.

Professional team

We respect our own profession and we hope to gain the respect of customers and colleagues by our professional performance.

Enterprise vision

Become the enterprise respected by consumers

Enterprise mission

We are committed to providing consumers with high-quality products and excellent service,
and enhancing the quality of life of consumers.
We use honest and efficient management to create value for customers, employees, shareholders, society, and partners.

Business strategy

Global uniform quality: To ensure that products sold in the world use a unified quality and standard;

National uniform price limit: To safeguard the interests of consumers, avoid the conditions that individual agents seek excessive profits,our enterprise provides a unified national price limit for reference;

Quality policy

High efficiency, continuous improvement and constant innovation, providing customers with satisfying products!

Product concept

Providing users with comfortable (comfort), convenient (convenient),communicable (free communication) life

WTC staff rule

Be dedicated, efficient and collaborative